Outside diameter: 0.7-48.0 mm

Wall thickness: 0.07-2.0 mm

Grades of molybdenum and its alloys: МЧ / MCh (pure molybdenum) (99.9% Mo), МЧВП /
MChVP (vacuum-arc cast pure molybdenum) (99.9% Mo), ВМ-1 / WMo-1 (99.9% Mo), ЦМ10-ВД / ZrMo-10VD (ZrMo-10 vacuum arc cast), ЦМ-6/ ZrMo-6 (99.9% Mo), НбЦ / NbZr (98.95%Nb)

At the moment, our plant is the only manufacturer of tubes and rods of refractory metals in the former territory of the CIS.

Tubes and rods of molybdenum and its alloys are widely used as thermocouple protection tubes that take temperatures in the range 1200-1800˚С, cathodes of vacuum super-high frequency equipment
and devices, components of rocket combustion chambers, gas-vent tubes and fuel element cans of nuclear power units on thermal neutrons.

Tubes and rods of niobium (columbium) according to their availability and significance are close to molybdenum, but they have higher plasticity, good weldability and non-volatility of oxides in comparison with other refractory metals. The application area of tubes made of niobium and its
alloys is similar to molybdenum, but the operating temperature range is lower and it is 1000-1400˚С; It is also possible to operate at negative temperatures - up to-196˚С.

Tubes and rods of tungsten and its alloys are used in rocket combustion chambers and other parts of rocket equipment operating at temperatures of 2500-2700˚С. This material is also used in the
nuclear industry, mainly in the processes of uranium sublimation.

Tubes and rods of tantalum and its alloys have high corrosion resistance and keep plasticity up to - -196˚С. At the same time, tantalum, more than other refractory metals, is subject to rapid oxidation
and intensively dissolves gases at elevated temperatures.

Regulatory documentation:

  • the Technical Requirements of Ukraine TU U 24.4-33338597- 005:2012 "Seamless Thin-walled
    Tubes of Small Diameters of Molybdenum and Niobium Alloys"
  • the Technical Requirements of Ukraine TU U 24.4-33338597- 007:2015 "Tubes with Improved
    Purity of Material and Improved Accuracy of Tantalum and Niobium"
  • TU 48-19- 251-94 "Seamless Thin-walled Tubes of Molybdenum, Alloys, Based on It and Niobium&quot.