has mastered the production of rods with special surface treatment of stainless steels, scale-resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys as well as refractory metals and alloys. The range of the manufacturing products:

Ø 2,0 – 32,0 mm round rods with special surface treatment (Ra≤0,32 μm) and length up
to 5 m of cut and full length, with the surface characteristics of "A" - "B" GOST 14955 groups,
with dimensions and limit deviations as per the 9 th accuracy degree of GOST 14955 requirements.
Rods material is :
– stainless steels, precision steels and alloys, scale-resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys of GOST 5632 and GOST 10994;
- titanium and its alloys of GOST 19807, OST 1 90013, TU 1-5- 132 grades;
- refractory metals, for example, molybdenum and its alloys of TU 48-19- 250 grades.
Rod (with special surface treatment) is produced only from the certified workpiece by cold and warm forging at the radial clamping machine with the following calibration, drawing at the linear mill or (and) drum-type drawing mills, burnishing and polishing of the outer surface, heat treatment in protective atmosphere by ensuring the regulated documentation or technical agreements of property package, non-destructive control. It is possible to supply rods according to agreed technical requirements, which make the specifications of TU and GOST tougher, and also to develop the particular technical requirements.