has mastered the production of shaped cold-deformed tubes stainless steels, scale-resistant steels and alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys and refractory metals. The range of the manufacturing roducts is:

Diameters of the circumscribing circles 4...76 mm +/- 0.8...1.0%
Wall thickness 0.1...1.2mm +/- 10%
Side concavity 0.5...0.8 mm
Twisting up to 1.5 degree per 1 rm
Bowing up to 2.0 mm per 1 rm
Outside rounding-off radius of the angles of the shaped tubes is R outside ≤ 2S, the main technical requirements meet the specifications of GOST 13663, GOST 8639, GOST 8642,GOST 8644, GOST 8645. 

It is possible to supply rods according to agreed technical requirements, which make the specifications of TU and GOST tougher, and also to develop the particular technical requirements.
Shaped tubes are produced by the drawing method in draw rings, form drawing in roller cages and shaping in a continuous shaped mill with 6 cages with the following chemical treatment, finishing and control.