has mastered the production of wire according to GOST 14963-78 “Steel Alloyed Spring Wire”, wire in accordance with the requirements of TU 3-1002- 77 “Spring Corrosion-resistant High-strength Wire” as well as wire according to GOST 2179-75 “Wire Made of Nickel and Siliceous Nickel”.

During manufacturing of steel alloyed round cross-section wire according to GOST 14963-78, intended for the production of springs, 51KhFА, 60S2А, 65SV2А, 70S3А steel grades are used with the chemical composition in compliance with GOST 14959-77.
The nominal diameter of the wire is in the range:
- with special surface treatment - from Ø 2.0 up to Ø 14.0 mm;
- without surface treatment – from Ø 0.5 mm up to Ø 14.0 mm.
The wire surface can be with the special treatment corresponding to the groups Б, В, Г, Е (polished), and without it for the group H (see table 2 GOST14963).
Wire with a special surface treatment is produced in bars with lengths specified in p. 2.5 of GOST 14955-77.
Wire without special treatment is delivered both in coils (see table 3 of GOST 14963-78), and in bars by agreement with the Customer.
According to mechanical properties, decarburization, surface quality, the wire corresponds to the 1 st class (for springs of high-duty) and 2 nd class (for prings of general purpose).
The wire according to TU 3-1002- 77, manufactured in our plant, is made for production of coil springs operating in corrosive environments and for other purposes.
Stainless steel of 12Cr18Ni10Ti grade is used with restricted limit of carbon, manganese, chromium, nickel and titanium content for production of such a wire.
Depending on mechanical properties, the wire is manufactured in strength groups:
- normal - H;
- high-strength - B;
- high-strength of high-duty - BO.
The nominal diameter of the produced wire is in the range from Ø 2.01mm up to Ø 10.01 mm.
Wire is supplied in work-hardened condition, in bunches.
Wire according to GOST 2179 is used in electronic technology, power engineering and other branches of industry. The used nickel grades are НП-1, НП-2 and others with chemical composition according to GOST 492-73 and GOST 19241-80.
The nominal diameter of the wire is in the range from 2.0 to 12.0 mm.
Manufacturing accuracy is normal, increased, high.
Shipment is carried out in coils, or by agreement with the Customer in bars, both in heat-treated and in work-hardened condition.
The wire is produced on by the in-house equipment only from certified billets by cold drawing method with the following grinding and, if it is necessary, with heat treatment.